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Looking for some ideas for your journal writing? Dive In!

JOURNAL INSPIRATION - Inspirational Seasonal Goal Setting To Increase Productivity
A Seasonal Approach to Goal Planning and Self-Awareness for a Fulfilling Life (OM Yoga Magazine)Life can be overwhelming - Most of us are juggling many things at the same time and packing our daily routines with little to no time for ourselves. ...
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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - 5 Ways To Use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Journaling With Your Yoga Practice
Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with your journaling and yoga practice can open up powerful insights and level up your yoga practice (and life). As always, yoga is much more than what we do on the mat - With the inspiration of CBT, we ...
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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - Are You Using Up Your Daily Energy On Consuming Or Creating?
How much are you consuming or creating each day? This makes a BIG difference in your energy and stress levels.The inspiration for this came from a recent conversation with a friend who also runs her own business. We talked about how we could manage o...
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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - 5 Reflection Questions For Burnout Healing
5 REFLECTION QUESTIONS FOR YOUR SELF-CARE ROUTINES AND YOUR JOURNALAwareness always helps us to get clear on what we are going through and what we need. And even if we don't yet know what we need right now, we can get clear on what we DON'T...
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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - How To Use Freeform Writing For Your Journal
Freeform or freestyle writing is a great way to get started on journal writing & an easy way to release everything in a safe, creative and healthy way!Benefits of freeform writing with pen & paper:► Scientific research shows some wonderful be...
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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - How To Create A Realistic Daily Self-Care Plan
Do you think you are too busy to take time out for Self-care rituals? Think again!I have heard it SO many times before with my clients – “I don’t have time to do Self-Care routines”. And YES, we are all leading busy lives – juggling many things at th...
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