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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - 5 Reflection Questions For Burnout Healing


Awareness always helps us to get clear on what we are going through and what we need. And even if we don't yet know what we need right now, we can get clear on what we DON'T want which can make our choices much more defined.

These days, there is a great focus on burnout in the workplace - This is fantastic because we are finally recognising how this affects everyone. However, burnout can happen to anyone in different situations - not just because of our work. For example: You could be a student, a stay-at-home mum/dad etc. Each one of us will experience our burnout journey (and cycles) differently, even when there are many common themes that come up.

Here are some reflection questions that you can ask your Self the next time you are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. You can also use this as part of your journal inspiration to dive in deeper with your burnout journey and experiences. If you prefer, you can even change the words to make them more personal to you.

When was the moment (or the time leading up to this moment) when I realised you were in a burnout cycle?

Sometimes it is a moment or warning sign (usually with health) that gives us that ah-HA! moment of knowing that we are experiencing burnout. Other times, it can feel like a long drawn-out process where we keep going even when we know we are experiencing it. What has this burnout journey felt like for you?

Do I feel that I am at a transitional point in your life?

Burnout often means that we are at a point of transition - and transformation - in our lives. What we might value and needed before may not be what inspires you now, which can be part of burnout and feeling drained. Burnout recovery and healing can actually be an opportunity to slow down and really take note of what is changing within our Self.

How often do I make time just for my Self?

Be honest... In a normal week, how much time do you give to your Self alone? It does not mean that you have to have the whole day off alone (even though this is a beautiful thing to do!). Quality time by your Self could just be that you have 15 minutes in the morning before the daily routines start. Time to just breathe and rest. When was the last time you squeezed that into your busy life?

Do I need to create healthy boundaries in my life?

A simple example - When did you say YES to doing something when you knew you wanted to say NO? Maybe you could focus on one example where you let your boundaries down and how it affected you. Having (and sticking to) healthy boundaries is an area that we can work on to make sure that we make choices that feel right for us.

How is my body feeling (energy and stress levels)?

The body often seems to be the slowest to catch up - Yet it slowly adds up when we do experience long periods of stress and exhaustion, even when we don't notice. The body also tends to give us the biggest warning when it does "show us" with the noticeable warning signs. So, how is your body feeling?

I hope this has inspired you to explore and to also create questions that you can use in your journal. Be super gentle with your Self and always take the time you need to explore at your own pace.