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JOURNAL INSPIRATION - Are You Using Up Your Daily Energy On Consuming Or Creating?

How much are you consuming or creating each day? This makes a BIG difference in your energy and stress levels.

The inspiration for this came from a recent conversation with a friend who also runs her own business. We talked about how we could manage our energy better each day – Both in our personal life and work. To be more productive but to also feel like we are consciously choosing how and what we focus on. After all, energy flows where attention goes!

When I stopped to think about this topic, I realised how much of a consumer I am. I think most of us live during these times when we are almost programmed to costume from childhood – To consume information, memorise data for exams, social media, products, food and drink brands, adverts, etc… you name it! It’s no wonder that most of us spend a huge chunk of our day in consumer mode.

Here are the definitions of both which I found interesting to explore:


  1. to destroy or expend by use; use up.
  2. to eat or drink up; devour.


  1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
  2. to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

I feel so inspired by these definitions! In energy terms, it’s the difference between what we allow in (consume) and what we channel out (create). And this can be seen in many different ways.

I’ll share my own reflections:

If I’m honest, I consume a lot of videos on other people’s content and business. It inspires me in many ways but maybe it can also distract me from my own creation. If I spend even just half the time I spend consuming other people’s content for my own creations, I know I would get SO much more done.

It reminded me of something a work colleague told me – He does not follow any other therapists on social media. At the time, this baffled me and I did not see the logic. But now, it makes sense… I’m thinking of all the mailing lists I am on, the number of people I follow and the general noise I get on what everyone else is up to. It’s a lot to consume each day. And it often brings up comparisons and subtle programming about how or what I “should” be doing in my own work, instead of enjoying the process of creating on my own terms.

I have simplified everything – BIG time! For this reason, I have decided to monitor how long and whose content I consume, as well as how much time I dedicate just for my own work. To spend 80% of my time during the day creating and channeling my energy into my work and what I love. It has made a big difference and my inspiration has started to soar.

As a sensitive soul, this does matter.

Our energy exchanges are very fluid, depending on our own boundaries. Each day, we also consume a lot from others and our environment on a deeper level. So if we are just allowing our Self to consume everything without awareness and we also channel everything out all the time… we may be left feeling drained and exhausted. At worst, we may experience a form of burnout.

As empaths, HSPs, and sensitive souls… we need to learn how to balance and create healthy boundaries. This includes what we let in (consume) and what we channel out (create). This can be in energy, food, social media, work, relationships etc. It is vital that we recharge our own energy resources daily. Therefore, this is a great daily practice to keep track of our energy and stress management. It’s also worth reflecting on whether we use anything we consume or create as a healthy or unhealthy way of coping with stress.

It’s the difference between feeling inspired or feeling drained all the time. Please note that consuming and creating can be both inspiring and draining – and may also be consumed or created together.

 Examples of things you consume in your day: Social media, TV, reading, news, energy from others, food and drink, money, time, information

 Examples of things you create/channel in your day: Thoughts and ideas, money, emotions (energy-in-motion), work, projects, writing


I want you to think about a typical day/week in your life. You can choose to take today as an example. Keep in mind that our daily habits and routines are part of this. If you are not sure where to start, think about what you normally do every day – and how you consume/create from these simple things.

On a typical day…

  • The things I consume the most are…
  • Which of them feels inspiring to me? And which are draining?
  • The things I create and channel my energy into are…
  • Which of them feels inspiring to me? And which are draining?

To shift into consuming less and creating more…

  • I need to change my focus from consuming… (fill in the gap) and spend that time creating more…
  • I need to streamline my daily routines in…
  • I feel more inspired when I consume…
  • I feel more inspired when I create/channel my energy more into…
  • Who or what do I need to release to make more time/energy for…

Think about one area or project you are working on…

  • How much of my time and energy in the week goes into channelling/creating this?
  • How much of my time and energy do I use consuming for this? And what am I consuming?
  • Can I change anything to create and channel more?

Please feel free to use and/or re-word any reflection questions you like!

This is an exercise that you return to time and time again!

This is one of those energy tools that I find to be an essential part of gaining clarity, focus and awareness in our daily lives.