YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep. 6 Healthy Boundaries & Grounding

Whether we are an empath or not, this is a challenge – and opportunity – that modern life offers us! Learning to develop healthy boundaries, observing our patterns and grounding our energy allows us to be more present in our daily lives. In this episode, we explore tips and reflection question to try!

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep. 5 Nature’s Cycles & Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction has been a hugely popular topic in the last couple of years – What we often forget to do is also tune in with nature’s cycles to support our energy magnetism, the “attraction” part. Let me share some tools to get you inspired to tune in deeper!

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep. 4 Exploring Intuition & Creativity

This week’s podcast is based on 2 important strengths of empaths – Intuition (6th Chakra) and creativity (2nd Chakra). How much do you tune in & TRUST your intuition? Do you engage with your creative Self regularly? Let’s explore how to tap in and why these 2 areas are so linked.

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep. 3 Positive Daily Routines

Our daily routines are a series of choices and habits – How do you spend a regular day? And can you use your daily routines to energize and recharge your Self fully? In this episode, I share simple practical tips to make the most of your day!

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep.2 Awareness & Self-Love

This week we really begin to start the Yoga For Empaths Podcast series, by diving into the topic of “Awareness & Self-Love”. Join Tera Kaur as she shares meditations, tips and reflections to try!

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep.1 Introduction & What Is An Empath?

Join me on the first of an 8 part podcast series as we explore holistic health, yoga, meditation, energy healing and what it is like to be an empath!

Free Meditation: Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8) & Eclipse Meditation + Surprise Offer

August is a life changing month for many of us as we go through the Lion’s Gate 8.8 portal and through the eclipses. Try this meditation…

Left Nostril Breathing: Feeling Calm & Connected

What if I told you that you are 3 minutes away from feeling calm and connected? The way we breathe can literally change everything! And it doesn’t need to be anything complicated too. Here is one of my favourite breathing techniques.

Empath Tips: Choosing Flatmates & Shared Accommodation

Do you live with flatmates? Maybe you’re thinking of finding a new space to live? As an empath, this can often bring it’s own challenges – especially if we are sensitive to other people’s energy! Here are some tips.