Holistic Tips For Spring And Summer

There are 2 transitions that I always look forward to… when we are heading towards Spring and when we are heading towards Autumn… the subtle changes of nature around us, the colours and energy shifts that follow! Beautiful times 🙂 – Let’s reflect: You may have started to become aware of the changes within youContinue reading “Holistic Tips For Spring And Summer”

Mercury Retrograde Tips And Meditation

Many people will talk about the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde – Some of us might even fear it’s arrival! It comes into our lives a few times each year, so why not embrace it fully? An opportunity to grow deeper ❤️

Winter Solstice 2014: The Only Way Forward Is Through It!

Woah, it’s that time again when the year is closing and I’m left wandering how the year has gone so quickly! I haven’t been as active on this blog as I have been working on many other things, hoping they will all come together. But this December 2014 has been amazing for reflection work… IContinue reading “Winter Solstice 2014: The Only Way Forward Is Through It!”

Affirmations: Shut Your Monkey Mind!

For Reflection: When I am confronted with a miscommunication with another person, do I …Take the time to listen/understand/find out the reasons behind it first? …Jump in with my own  assumptions/opinions/reactions? When something negative confronts me, do I …Find it easy to let go? …Get caught up in my emotions, even long after the situation has passed? WhenContinue reading “Affirmations: Shut Your Monkey Mind!”

Dear Mercury Retrograde…

Dear Mercury Retrograde, You’re back. And I was dreading your visit – again! Your regular visit is causing quite a stir (as usual). It’s not that you aren’t amazing (in your own strange way), because you always do deliver the true purpose clearly – and at the right time. But maybe it’s the way I’mContinue reading “Dear Mercury Retrograde…”