A Day In A Life Of A Yoga Teacher & Holistic Therapist (London)

A day in the life of a yoga teacher in London – This is my regular routine… it’s not always easy or glamorous, but it keeps me grounded!

Becoming A Yoga Teacher: 5 Reasons Why Empaths Make Great Yoga Teachers & Therapists

I always get questions about what it is like to be a yoga teacher and/or a holistic therapist. Over the years, I have also worked with clients and students who went on to become great yoga teachers and therapists too. These are just some of my observations…

The Start Of A Beautiful Journey: Yoga For Empaths ❤️

This website needed a DRASTIC change… I changed, my experiences. changed… and now I know why I had to wait for a while to embrace this new blog. Lessons take time… And I want to share all the lessons and practical experiences, tips and inspirations that I had to learn along the way! JOIN ME…Continue reading “The Start Of A Beautiful Journey: Yoga For Empaths ❤️”

The Travelling Yoga Teacher: 6 Ways To Make Money On The Road!

Have you ever wondered how yoga teachers (and people who work in the holistic business) make their income while they travel? Good question – and here’s a few tips…

Holistic Business: 12 Insights (And Many Tips!) On Being A Holistic Therapist & Yoga Teacher

I have been happily working as a holistic/complementary therapist and meditation teacher for the last 10+ years – and the truth is… well, like anything, there are many truths to what it is like! And there are many things I wish someone had told me about working in this growing holistic health field. As IContinue reading “Holistic Business: 12 Insights (And Many Tips!) On Being A Holistic Therapist & Yoga Teacher”

Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour

Mass yoga tours have become popular over the last few years – I can remember in the last years where London, Madrid and Barcelona had some great huge open space events, where yogis would get together and share! Lolë White Tour is on its way around the world doing just this… Back for 2014! Barcelona,Continue reading “Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour”

10 Reasons Why London Is The Yoga Capital Of Europe

After 10 years of enjoying yoga in the capital, I honestly feel that London is THE perfect place to start-up, enjoy and create your yoga journey! If I had to compare it to other cities in Europe, the yoga scene in London is exploding! Don’t get me wrong, other cities like Barcelona also are amazingContinue reading “10 Reasons Why London Is The Yoga Capital Of Europe”