Positive Films: Why We Breathe – A Yoga Documentary

Shot over the space of 6 months across the US, in a variety of situations and lucky encounters. Why We Breathe was born out of the idea to understand why people do the things they do. For the documentary, we wanted to ask the question, why do you do yoga? Why keep doing it? WhyContinue reading “Positive Films: Why We Breathe – A Yoga Documentary”

Energy Healing: 7 Kundalini Yoga Postures To Clear The Chakras

This year I am going to start my yoga teacher training… can’t wait! And I am drawn to study Kundalini yoga in Autumn… perfect for the year of the snake (which is the symbol for kundalini energy) and a great way to explore the chakra system further. Here is a wonderful post I found and hadContinue reading “Energy Healing: 7 Kundalini Yoga Postures To Clear The Chakras”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This made me smile this morning! 🙂 Wishing you all a beautiful Valentine’s Day… a day to celebrate love and friendships in all forms in our life… to remember and be grateful for the wonderful connections we have, whether we are in a relationship or not. And to continue this beautiful energy throughout the restContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Are You In? 30 Days Daily Hiit Challenge, 12mins/Day Interval Training!

Daily Hiit Website Challenge – 30 Days, Starting Jan 10th… Are You In? Daily Hiit (High Intensity Interval Training) is a no-nonsense way of training at home and all it takes is 12mins of intense interval training – and the good news is there are online videos posted up with the routines – for FREE!Continue reading “Are You In? 30 Days Daily Hiit Challenge, 12mins/Day Interval Training!”

Inspiring Words: The Awakening!

I saw this recently and it made me sit back and breathe deeply… beautifully written, I just wish I knew who by 🙂 The Awakening A time comes in your life when you finally get…when, in the midst of all your fears and insanity, you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice insideContinue reading “Inspiring Words: The Awakening!”

This Week’s Solar Eclipse & New Moon!

I have just come back from being a week away and wow, this week is going to be super busy… this might explain why! This was a reading that I liked 🙂 On November 13th, 2012, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur in the House of Scorpio effecting a grand bifurcation and transmutation of allContinue reading “This Week’s Solar Eclipse & New Moon!”

Energy Healing: November Energy Forecast & A Challenge For You!

Lee Harris has been making some amazing energy forecast videos and they are always *spot on* for me… check out this month! And, I’m not going to stop here… I want to share a challenge too – it is something I am also working on for my Self… Let’s talk about resistance! …You know thatContinue reading “Energy Healing: November Energy Forecast & A Challenge For You!”

Creative Yogi Activist: Lilou Mace Interviews Bibi McGill

I’m a huge fan of this musician and yoga teacher… you might recognise her as the lead guitarist of Beyonce – she’s also well known for her yoga and she was a recent international contest winner to teach at the famous Wanderlust Festival this year. True to form, Lilou Mace does an excellent job interviewingContinue reading “Creative Yogi Activist: Lilou Mace Interviews Bibi McGill”