Partner / Couples Guided Chakra Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful tool to use with your partner! This is a meditation that I enjoy exploring with clients and in my own life – Connect, relax, release… a beautiful experience!

YOGA FOR EMPATHS PODCAST – S1 Ep.2 Awareness & Self-Love

This week we really begin to start the Yoga For Empaths Podcast series, by diving into the topic of “Awareness & Self-Love”. Join Tera Kaur as she shares meditations, tips and reflections to try!

Left Nostril Breathing: Feeling Calm & Connected

What if I told you that you are 3 minutes away from feeling calm and connected? The way we breathe can literally change everything! And it doesn’t need to be anything complicated too. Here is one of my favourite breathing techniques.

Empath Tips: Choosing Flatmates & Shared Accommodation

Do you live with flatmates? Maybe you’re thinking of finding a new space to live? As an empath, this can often bring it’s own challenges – especially if we are sensitive to other people’s energy! Here are some tips.

Becoming A Yoga Teacher: 5 Reasons Why Empaths Make Great Yoga Teachers & Therapists

I always get questions about what it is like to be a yoga teacher and/or a holistic therapist. Over the years, I have also worked with clients and students who went on to become great yoga teachers and therapists too. These are just some of my observations…

Empath Tips: 3 Important Questions To Ask Your Self

As an empath, the key is awareness – and most empaths are very aware (consciously or subconsciously) of the more subtle realms of life. This blog post will share some reflection questions to explore your awareness of your energy!

Travel Tips For Empaths, Introverts & Highly Sensitive People

Let’s explore tips for highly sensitive souls and empaths to enjoy travel fully! Let’s explore…

Healing Crisis Effect: Feeling Bad After Energy Healing / Reiki

Are you feeling worse after your session? With headaches, low energy, tired etc? Let me share why & what you can do now…

Feeling Lonely: Creating Energy Flow Again!

The one thing that seems to come up the most is this topic – the feeling of being lonely. And it is one of those topics that can be hard to explain and share with others… maybe it’s because there is such a negative image of who a lonely person is… Today I was inspiredContinue reading “Feeling Lonely: Creating Energy Flow Again!”