The Start Of A Beautiful Journey: Yoga For Empaths ❤️

This website needed a DRASTIC change… I changed, my experiences. changed… and now I know why I had to wait for a while to embrace this new blog. Lessons take time… And I want to share all the lessons and practical experiences, tips and inspirations that I had to learn along the way! JOIN ME…Continue reading “The Start Of A Beautiful Journey: Yoga For Empaths ❤️”

Free Distant Reiki – With Monthly Lunar Calendar

YES, I am excited to be offering my free distant Reiki again… After 10 years of working with Reiki and energy healing, I always enjoy moments when I can share this powerful tool 🙂 And the good news is anyone, anywhere can receive it… I can send it to you through my meditation, while youContinue reading “Free Distant Reiki – With Monthly Lunar Calendar”

Autumn Calling! Festivals, Energy Tips & Updates

I officially packed up my Summer clothes and sandals over the weekend as the weather turned into Autumn… it was a good reminder that now is the time to slowly transition into the Moon months (colder seasons of Autumn/Winter). Just as I get really excited when Spring comes around, I also get happy when AutumnContinue reading “Autumn Calling! Festivals, Energy Tips & Updates”

Join Me! Creative Chakra Meditation Classes In Central London

I’m putting together the Urban Zen Series of meditation classes, soaking up the energy of different creative zones in London… this is an amazing city! First stop, Shoreditch! Limited Spaces – 10 people/class Plus Mar 24th is Spring Equinox special ♥ To book and for more info, click here!