Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three

Last year, I enjoyed the comedy of Enlightened (see post), which was a series comedy of a lady who went through a crisis point in her life and discovered a whole new world of yoga, healthy living and the “holistic way” of life, while trying to work in a cooperate company. BBC 3 now haveContinue reading “Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three”

Inspiring Talks: Jaz Rasool Explores Shifting, Consciousness & Resonance

Lilou Mace inner-views Jaz Rasool and it gets very real! One of the most amazing *ah-ha! moment* videos that I’ve tuned into recently… please do watch 🙂

Positive Films: Kumare

What happens when a Brooklyn filmmaker Vikram Gandhi transformed himself into a fake spiritual guru/yogi master and did a Borat-style social experiment to demonstrate the foolishness and gullibility of the devotees of various self-help and spiritualist movements, like Law of Attraction and yoga enthusiasts – it quickly develops into a fascinating study on what itContinue reading “Positive Films: Kumare”

Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012

What a week! Apart from a few projects, I got to finally see the film I posted on that I loved so much – Happy shown by Action For Happiness organisation, with a talk from the film makers. So inspiring! Well, check out the UK Green Film Festival! – Time to catch up with more positive films. Here theyContinue reading “Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012”

May 1st: International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day!

I learn something new everyday lol! I have posted up on guerilla gardening in the past, so this was a little surprise when I saw this up on fb. Perfect time of year for it and who doesn’t love sunflowers hey! Check out the website Future date for the diary:

Eco-Artist: Jason deCaires Taylor

Visit His Website! Jason deCaires Taylor has gained significant interest and recognition for his unique work, with articles in over 1000 publications around the world, including National Geographic, Vogue, USA Today, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. His sculptures have aired on television features and documentaries with CNN, Discovery Channel, BBC, Metropolis Art Lounge and Thalassa.Continue reading “Eco-Artist: Jason deCaires Taylor”

Inspiring People: Lilou Mace Is In London Town!

This is the latest cover of OM Times Magazine with Lilou Mace on the front! Some of you may remember the post I did a while back (click here) as I found her so inspiring – I admit, I still do need to buy her second book but I have been keeping up with herContinue reading “Inspiring People: Lilou Mace Is In London Town!”

Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry

I’m a huge fan of natural jewelry lines – and there are many out there! Here is a range that is on my current wish list to try and buy  🙂 Cleansing your energy jewelry Athletes wearing energy jewelry: This range of energy gems are a big hit with many celebs and have appeared inContinue reading “Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry”

The Future? The Day We Got Hooked Up To Computers!

So I was on facebook one morning and saw this posted up… and a small part of me danced with joy at the thought of having it “all together” when it comes to technology and sharing ideas and creativity… but then another part of me gave a long sigh of doom at the very thoughtContinue reading “The Future? The Day We Got Hooked Up To Computers!”