Travel Tips For Empaths, Introverts & Highly Sensitive People

Let’s explore tips for highly sensitive souls and empaths to enjoy travel fully! Let’s explore…

The Travelling Yoga Teacher: 6 Ways To Make Money On The Road!

Have you ever wondered how yoga teachers (and people who work in the holistic business) make their income while they travel? Good question – and here’s a few tips…

Exploring Cultural Amsterdam: UITmarkt

Amsterdam is known for many fun things – but what about the more cultural side to it? UITmarkt is a lovely blend of cultural events and spots to check out – a big open space where stalls, live music and stages were set as the cultural season began for Amsterdam. In fact, the whole city wasContinue reading “Exploring Cultural Amsterdam: UITmarkt”

Yoga Travel: 5 Reasons Why Airbnb Is Perfect For Yogis!

I think the magic of travelling is about where you stay and the people you meet along the way – as well as the wonderful location you are exploring! In the past, this was very different – I didn’t really mind where I stayed as long as it was cheap and I could spend mostContinue reading “Yoga Travel: 5 Reasons Why Airbnb Is Perfect For Yogis!”

Travel Fitness Tip: Get Your HIIT With Fitness Blender

Whether I’m back at home or travelling, the last thing I want to do is carry fitness and yoga DVDs around with me… Thank goodness for free online workout videos that you can tune into anywhere and anytime with internet connection… And this is where Fitness Blender is perfect! I’m a fan of HIIT workoutsContinue reading “Travel Fitness Tip: Get Your HIIT With Fitness Blender”

Vegetarian & Vegan Travel Tips: Eat Well, Save Money!

I have been a vegetarian for the last 10 years, heading towards my vegan path – and in that time I have done a fair bit of travelling around, finding out some of the good and challenging aspects of food. After all, food is part of our daily life… It’s not something you can avoidContinue reading “Vegetarian & Vegan Travel Tips: Eat Well, Save Money!”

10 Reasons Why London Is The Yoga Capital Of Europe

After 10 years of enjoying yoga in the capital, I honestly feel that London is THE perfect place to start-up, enjoy and create your yoga journey! If I had to compare it to other cities in Europe, the yoga scene in London is exploding! Don’t get me wrong, other cities like Barcelona also are amazingContinue reading “10 Reasons Why London Is The Yoga Capital Of Europe”

Alternative Barcelona: Pop-Up Flea Markets

As the weather is starting to warm up, I’m itching to get back to Barcelona – for both work and fun 🙂 A good opportunity to explore the thriving outdoor scene… popular events include pop-up flea markets/second-hand/vintage markets dotted around the city. Long gone are the days when second-hand meant smelly dirt-stained clothing and cheesyContinue reading “Alternative Barcelona: Pop-Up Flea Markets”

Travel Tips & Places: Magical Lisbon

I ♥ LISBOA Lisbon is one of my favourite weekend destinations. The best part about living in Europe is that it is easy to travel around and with cheap airfares too – I took advantage of this by going to Lisbon for 3 days just before Christmas last year. This was the first time seeing thisContinue reading “Travel Tips & Places: Magical Lisbon”

10 Lessons From Being A Travel Nomad & Third Culture Kid (TCK)

I am a life-long travel nomad and third culture kid. I felt drawn to write this blog post now as I am re-thinking everything… absolutely EVERYTHING that I call “my life” now. In many ways, it’s because I have been realising more and more that I am always going to be a nomad… a personContinue reading “10 Lessons From Being A Travel Nomad & Third Culture Kid (TCK)”