Explore Yoga ~ With Capoeira-Vinyasa Flow Yoga Fusion!

This post flows from my recent underwater yoga post, where I wanted to share more beautiful ways of trying yoga – The great thing about starting yoga is that there are SO many options out there to how you choose to use this amazing holistic tool for you. Yoga does not have to be boring orContinue reading “Explore Yoga ~ With Capoeira-Vinyasa Flow Yoga Fusion!”

Positive Films: Aruanda ~ Capoeira Film With Mestre Poncianinho

I have always been drawn to Capoeira, it’s such a beautiful creative martial arts form… it was only when I cam across this video, that I felt it truly explained the more spiritual meaning behind it. And if you think Mestre Poncianinho looks familiar, maybe you have seen him in other places – I’ve posted upContinue reading “Positive Films: Aruanda ~ Capoeira Film With Mestre Poncianinho”