NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion

I wrote about my holistic/health magazine addiction a while back and I am getting much better now in clearing out my home spaces to make way for new stuff, so online magazine are always an easier option – especially if they are free too 🙂 I have been following this magazine since it first started andContinue reading “NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion”

Holistic Treats: The We’Moon 2013 Diary

Ahhhh We’Moon lol… I have written about this beautiful product before and I can’t say it enough… LOVE IT. This little gem is so gorgeous and has been a part of my life for a few years now. It keeps me in touch daily with the natural cycles around us… with the moon, astrology readings,Continue reading “Holistic Treats: The We’Moon 2013 Diary”

Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry

I’m a huge fan of natural jewelry lines – and there are many out there! Here is a range that is on my current wish list to try and buy  🙂 Cleansing your energy jewelry Athletes wearing energy jewelry: This range of energy gems are a big hit with many celebs and have appeared inContinue reading “Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry”

The Future? The Day We Got Hooked Up To Computers!

So I was on facebook one morning and saw this posted up… and a small part of me danced with joy at the thought of having it “all together” when it comes to technology and sharing ideas and creativity… but then another part of me gave a long sigh of doom at the very thoughtContinue reading “The Future? The Day We Got Hooked Up To Computers!”

Tune in! Let’s Re-Focus On 2012

Blessings beautiful people, hope you’re well! We are now well and truly in 2012 and I can’t help but return to what my expectations/thoughts/ideas/hopes were for this year – and how it has manifested so far. I’m not alone, a few of you have also asked me this too lol. So, I wanted to useContinue reading “Tune in! Let’s Re-Focus On 2012”

Explore Yoga ~ With Capoeira-Vinyasa Flow Yoga Fusion!

This post flows from my recent underwater yoga post, where I wanted to share more beautiful ways of trying yoga – The great thing about starting yoga is that there are SO many options out there to how you choose to use this amazing holistic tool for you. Yoga does not have to be boring orContinue reading “Explore Yoga ~ With Capoeira-Vinyasa Flow Yoga Fusion!”

Holistic Treats: Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love oils for everything! From body oils, hair oils, aromatherapy burning oils to omega oils for food etc. I LOVE them 🙂 And this is my latest holistic treat that I bought while I was away. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I couldn’t stop looking at it. IContinue reading “Holistic Treats: Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles”

Little Treats: We’Moon 2012

I’m growing more and more in love with astrology, especially lunar readings (I’m a Cancer girl lol!)… This has been a amazing little gem that I’ve been using over the last few years – It has given me some beautiful daily inspirations of poetry and art, keeping me in touch with the cycles and isContinue reading “Little Treats: We’Moon 2012”