Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A

Most of my recent posts have all been focusing on the collective force of love and positive energy. 2013 has been a pretty good year for this creative flow! This is an important time in our life… let’s hear and feel what the world has to say about it, even if we don’t agree onContinue reading “Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A”

NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion

I wrote about my holistic/health magazine addiction a while back and I am getting much better now in clearing out my home spaces to make way for new stuff, so online magazine are always an easier option – especially if they are free too 🙂 I have been following this magazine since it first started andContinue reading “NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion”

Positive Projects: Wild Sister Magazine

Last week we celebrated Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day… Goddess energy is still running high 🙂  In the Spirit of this, I want to share an indie online magazine and project that celebrates this… creative, cute and full of holistic tips by women all around the world… Check out Wild Sister Magazine – TheContinue reading “Positive Projects: Wild Sister Magazine”

Dates For 2013: Creative & Holistic Events!

HAPPY YEAR OF THE SNAKE 2013! It starts off with a very power-full New Moon today and I’m taking this weekend to set up and explore my own personal healthy boundaries this year – which includes making more time to enjoy as many creative-holistic events as I can, taking time out to do ME in 2013Continue reading “Dates For 2013: Creative & Holistic Events!”

Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece

These days, all we tend to hear about Greece (and many other parts of the world) are the financial crisis issues and other negative things. But what about the positive side? Out of difficult times, beautiful things do happen! Projects that help inspire us grow and change the way we live… And this is anContinue reading “Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece”

London Events: Outdoor Yoga Events!

There is a boom going on in outdoor flash mobs and yoga classes… The above picture was taken in New York as part of the Summer Solstice celebration this week. And I joined the meditation flash mob in Leicester Square on that day too (can you spot me lol?!)… More images here! The good newsContinue reading “London Events: Outdoor Yoga Events!”

Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012

What a week! Apart from a few projects, I got to finally see the film I posted on that I loved so much – Happy shown by Action For Happiness organisation, with a talk from the film makers. So inspiring! Well, check out the UK Green Film Festival! – Time to catch up with more positive films. Here theyContinue reading “Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012”

Natural Beauty: Get A Spiritual Hair Cut!

I love the theory that our hair is a spiritual part of us.  I’ve always seen hair as part of our crown chakra and our energy system, it absorbs energy and expresses who we are (one of the reason I loced mine in 2001)… I know many friends who will only use natural products forContinue reading “Natural Beauty: Get A Spiritual Hair Cut!”