Natural Beauty: DIY Facial Massages

Who doesn’t enjoy massages lol? 🙂 … It can also be used as part of your own natural beauty routine – the benefits are fantastic and it’s such a nice way of starting or ending a day in a really relaxed state… I’m now trying to do this daily as part of my night routine.Continue reading “Natural Beauty: DIY Facial Massages”

Winter Warmers… Spices: Ginger

I tend to add more spices in the winter for my food, increasing the yang energy at this time of year… but spices can also be used for many things – here’s a favourite 🙂 Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a perennial plant that grows in India, China , Mexico, and several other countries. It originatedContinue reading “Winter Warmers… Spices: Ginger”