Mellow Music Moments: This Is The Place ~ Sam Brookes

I used to call my music blog posts “Mellow Music Mondays” and now I’m realising that any moment is the time to post some perfect tunes lol 🙂 This is my current favourite, maybe it’s the lyrics that get to me the most – a reminder to live in the PRESENT moment and enjoy thisContinue reading “Mellow Music Moments: This Is The Place ~ Sam Brookes”

Mellow Music Mondays: Morning ~ Beck

It has been a while since I posted any music stuff up on here, I’ve been super busy sorting out a lot of transitions in my life – but music has remained something that always gets me through reflection times… Every tune always takes me back to a place and space in time of whereContinue reading “Mellow Music Mondays: Morning ~ Beck”

Mellow Music Mondays: Don’t Let It Pass ~ Junip [The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty]

As we head to 2014, I am inspired by the great shifts of inner movement… I know the year ahead will be a lot of work to make what I want happen. And I know I am not alone. Things can become a beautiful reality… no matter where you are right now in your life!Continue reading “Mellow Music Mondays: Don’t Let It Pass ~ Junip [The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty]”

Massive Yoga Event: Covent Garden ~ This Sat

I was waiting for this! A central London event with open air yoga like the ones in NY and Madrid… and it;s here. This weekend… This Sat – 10 to 11am: Full Details Below And Here On July 20th 2013, students, teachers and studios from all across London and beyond will be joining forces to bringContinue reading “Massive Yoga Event: Covent Garden ~ This Sat”