SELF-LOVE RITUALS: A Portable Alter – The Gratitude Box

A beautiful way to explore gratitude! It’s amazing how the simple things can keep us connected to our heart space. This gratitude box is perfect as a place to store your loved energy tools and even acts as a portable alter if you are travelling!

Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions

The Transition/Cross roads Point: There is a cycle that occurs naturally when you are on a journey of Self growth… Emotions: Up, down – In the middle somewhere – And working you’re way back up… In the middle – or as I call it, the “transition stage”… or being at the crossroads. Feeling restless and/orContinue reading “Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions”

Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!

Yes, I did… I forgot my phone for a day and was amazed at the process of slow detachment I went through – from being frustrated by not being able to do my usual check-ups and tune-ins of emails/texts/music/etc to pure bliss… and feeling much more grounded as I was enjoying the present moment onContinue reading “Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!”

Massive Yoga Event: Covent Garden ~ This Sat

I was waiting for this! A central London event with open air yoga like the ones in NY and Madrid… and it;s here. This weekend… This Sat – 10 to 11am: Full Details Below And Here On July 20th 2013, students, teachers and studios from all across London and beyond will be joining forces to bringContinue reading “Massive Yoga Event: Covent Garden ~ This Sat”

Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A

Most of my recent posts have all been focusing on the collective force of love and positive energy. 2013 has been a pretty good year for this creative flow! This is an important time in our life… let’s hear and feel what the world has to say about it, even if we don’t agree onContinue reading “Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A”

Madrid Yoga: The Capital Of Yoga For A Day! On 1st June 2013

You may remember the iconic pictures of New York when everyone was gathered and doing yoga… remember this? So, last weekend was the turn of a different location… a huge amount of people came together in central Madrid to celebrate yoga again! [Website] My mother’s side are all from Madrid and it is always amazingContinue reading “Madrid Yoga: The Capital Of Yoga For A Day! On 1st June 2013”

Energy Healing: Embracing Change.

I have been away from this blog for a while… Life always seems to speed up around Spring for me lol. It also means that there are many changes that I am working on – I am reminded that I need to be more flexible with *allowing* change… I think like many of us, changeContinue reading “Energy Healing: Embracing Change.”