Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions

The Transition/Cross roads Point: There is a cycle that occurs naturally when you are on a journey of Self growth… Emotions: Up, down – In the middle somewhere – And working you’re way back up… In the middle – or as I call it, the “transition stage”… or being at the crossroads. Feeling restless and/orContinue reading “Moving Forward: Tips For Life Transitions”

Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!

Yes, I did… I forgot my phone for a day and was amazed at the process of slow detachment I went through – from being frustrated by not being able to do my usual check-ups and tune-ins of emails/texts/music/etc to pure bliss… and feeling much more grounded as I was enjoying the present moment onContinue reading “Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!”

Salad Tips: Prepare Salads In Advance!

Summer’s diet is lighter and great for salads  Here’s one easy way to make salads in advance and keep them fresh – use a dry mason jar – when packed correctly it stays very crisp and fresh! Layers should go something like this: ♦ Bottom layer is dressing or other wet ingredients… this is key. YouContinue reading “Salad Tips: Prepare Salads In Advance!”

Summer Solstice Smoothie & Juicing Ideas!

Solstice this week, Friday 21st! Why not indulge in a Solar plexus smoothies and juices to detox… There are many ingredients that you can choose to use in your recipes this week to connect with your Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra Mantra: I Can Element: Fire Color: Yellow Location: Just below ribcage Spiritual Connection:Continue reading “Summer Solstice Smoothie & Juicing Ideas!”

Wake Up London On Happiness Day

Another special event this week was celebrating International Happiness Day! (20th March) “The happiest countries in the world are all in Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands). Their average life evaluation score is 7.6 on a 0-to-10 scale. The least happy countries are all poor countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Togo, Benin, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone)Continue reading “Wake Up London On Happiness Day”

My Personal Story: Please Support ~ Complementary Therapies Empower People With Disabilities!

This year has been a real turning point for me in many ways so far. As a time of community and sharing, I have been amazed with how many people are being more open about their own personal journeys – people who I’ve known to be quite private with their emotions and personal stories inContinue reading “My Personal Story: Please Support ~ Complementary Therapies Empower People With Disabilities!”

Energy Booster: Yummy Protein Smoothies!

We feed our body with energy in many forms – through our breathing, poitive thoughts, being around positive people/places and of course… a big part of that is through our food! Get started with an energising morning! I am a huge believer that whatever you do in the morning will set your whole day inContinue reading “Energy Booster: Yummy Protein Smoothies!”

Energy Healing: Get A Blast Of Energy With Cold Water Showers ~ Beautiful Ishnaan

It’s cold outside – and the last thing I ever thought I would try was a cold shower in the morning. Brrrrrrrr lol 🙂 But this is actually something that I am enjoying! Showers are a very quick and easy way to get rid of “negative-energy-debri” in our daily lives – I love to haveContinue reading “Energy Healing: Get A Blast Of Energy With Cold Water Showers ~ Beautiful Ishnaan”

Food For Thought: Secrets Of The Fountain Of Youth ~ Denny Waxman

I read this and it blew my mind for reflection work today – Check out Denny Waxman Secrets of the Fountain of Youth I am going to share with you the secret of the fountain of youth and it does not involve botox , collagen injections or plastic surgery. But first of all, what is youth? IfContinue reading “Food For Thought: Secrets Of The Fountain Of Youth ~ Denny Waxman”

Inspiring Interviews: London Real Asks The Real Questions!

There are more and more videos channels and online TV channels out there that are dedicated to exploring and sharing information, through interviews with some incredible people of our time. Lilou Mace is one of my faves that I blogged about a while back – and now London Real is fast becoming another channel thatContinue reading “Inspiring Interviews: London Real Asks The Real Questions!”