Salad Tips: Prepare Salads In Advance!

Summer’s diet is lighter and great for salads  Here’s one easy way to make salads in advance and keep them fresh – use a dry mason jar – when packed correctly it stays very crisp and fresh! Layers should go something like this: ♦ Bottom layer is dressing or other wet ingredients… this is key. YouContinue reading “Salad Tips: Prepare Salads In Advance!”

Summer Solstice Smoothie & Juicing Ideas!

Solstice this week, Friday 21st! Why not indulge in a Solar plexus smoothies and juices to detox… There are many ingredients that you can choose to use in your recipes this week to connect with your Solar Plexus chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra Mantra: I Can Element: Fire Color: Yellow Location: Just below ribcage Spiritual Connection:Continue reading “Summer Solstice Smoothie & Juicing Ideas!”

Yoga Is Change: Turkish Protesters Hold Mass Yoga Demo

By now, we have all heard about what is going on in Turkey. It’s also good to know how people are using tools for positive reflection work. Yet again, yoga seems to be just one of those tools. More community energy for social change 🙂 Check out this blog for more inspiring posts on howContinue reading “Yoga Is Change: Turkish Protesters Hold Mass Yoga Demo”

Energy Booster: Yummy Protein Smoothies!

We feed our body with energy in many forms – through our breathing, poitive thoughts, being around positive people/places and of course… a big part of that is through our food! Get started with an energising morning! I am a huge believer that whatever you do in the morning will set your whole day inContinue reading “Energy Booster: Yummy Protein Smoothies!”

Food For Thought: Secrets Of The Fountain Of Youth ~ Denny Waxman

I read this and it blew my mind for reflection work today – Check out Denny Waxman Secrets of the Fountain of Youth I am going to share with you the secret of the fountain of youth and it does not involve botox , collagen injections or plastic surgery. But first of all, what is youth? IfContinue reading “Food For Thought: Secrets Of The Fountain Of Youth ~ Denny Waxman”

Positive Quote Of The Day: Food For Health & Healing!

As the weather is getting colder, a few things tend to change for me – as well as feeling like spending more time in a Self routine at home, slowing down my energy and embracing the new feeling of that shift of Autumn flow – I also begin to change my food choices… I startContinue reading “Positive Quote Of The Day: Food For Health & Healing!”

Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012

What a week! Apart from a few projects, I got to finally see the film I posted on that I loved so much – Happy shown by Action For Happiness organisation, with a talk from the film makers. So inspiring! Well, check out the UK Green Film Festival! – Time to catch up with more positive films. Here theyContinue reading “Positive Films: UK Green Film Festival18-20th May 2012”

Raw Foods: Kate Magic In London!

Creative, full of fun and energy and an author – Kate Magic is the UK’s leading raw food expert and she travels all over the world doing workshops and raw food training. And she is in London – yay! You can check out her main website or have a look at her life through creativeContinue reading “Raw Foods: Kate Magic In London!”

Green Street Art: Guerrilla Gardeners ~ Coming To A Pavement Near You!

Remember a while back I did a post on the Urban Physic Garden and Urban Zen Tip 3 for looking out for green in the city? Well, here’s a nice twist… Street art is taking on a very green angle on things – and I find it beautiful, unexpected and it puts a smile on my faceContinue reading “Green Street Art: Guerrilla Gardeners ~ Coming To A Pavement Near You!”

Make Your Own Dried Flowers And Potpourri

So, it’s the day after Valentine’s day. Hope you enjoyed it, whether you are in a relationship or single – any excuse to celebrate love! And I thought this post might come in handy if you have a bunch of flowers and don’t know what o do with them…. Don’t throw them away 🙂 IContinue reading “Make Your Own Dried Flowers And Potpourri”