Positive Films: Aruanda ~ Capoeira Film With Mestre Poncianinho

I have always been drawn to Capoeira, it’s such a beautiful creative martial arts form… it was only when I cam across this video, that I felt it truly explained the more spiritual meaning behind it. And if you think Mestre Poncianinho looks familiar, maybe you have seen him in other places – I’ve posted upContinue reading “Positive Films: Aruanda ~ Capoeira Film With Mestre Poncianinho”

Positive Films: What The Bleep Do We Know ~ Down The Rabbit Hole

This is a classic film that I saw a long while back – love love LOVE it lol 🙂 It covers back-to-basic ideas on law of attraction, metaphysics, how our mind/body works, our connection to the Universe and how energy around/in us works… and more! I have posted the full length film here below, soContinue reading “Positive Films: What The Bleep Do We Know ~ Down The Rabbit Hole”

Positive Films: 2012 – Time For Change!

“From Conscious Evolution to Practical Solutions” [Film Website] This can be a controversial topic and I know not everyone will believe in it – but the good part is the food for thought this time provides – ask your Self: What can I do this year to consciously start change – within my Self andContinue reading “Positive Films: 2012 – Time For Change!”

Winter Solstice (21st Dec. 2011): Ideas To Celebrate!

The Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice. The 21st December is the day with the shortest daylight hours. From here on in, the daylight hours lengthen, the light returns to the world. This is the origin of Christmas where the Sun is born to save the world from darkness. It is also the origin ofContinue reading “Winter Solstice (21st Dec. 2011): Ideas To Celebrate!”

TV Bites: Enlightened

I tend to avoid TV if I can but there are a few shows that I know I always tune into… and for the first time, I watched the new series of “Enlightened”… A comedy about a lady (I love this actress!) who was leading a destructive path who found the enlightened holistic path andContinue reading “TV Bites: Enlightened”