Winter Solstice & A New Beginning!

I sat down and thought hard about what to write to mark this very special day… nothing. Nothing that hasn’t already been circulated or published somewhere – after all, we are living in this amazing age of sharing information. And this is a big day to talk and celebrate about! So, maybe I should justContinue reading “Winter Solstice & A New Beginning!”

Positive Films: Project Wild Thing ~ Re-connect Kids With Nature!

Nature is amazing… and so is this project! I’m so happy to also see that the funding has been reached and I’ll be looking out for the screening of this film! It is so important to get children out there, connecting to nature and exploring… check out the main website for more information on how toContinue reading “Positive Films: Project Wild Thing ~ Re-connect Kids With Nature!”

12.12.12 – The World Is Coming Together For…

One Day On Earth I wrote about 11.11.11 last year on the project of One Day On Earth – and finally caught up to watching the film a few month ago… brilliant! It’s mad to think that just at this very minute, people are leading so many different lives across the world… and this projectContinue reading “12.12.12 – The World Is Coming Together For…”

Movement Meditation: RIP Gabrielle Roth

 “Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth.”  ~ Gabrielle Roth Noted musician, author, recording artist, philosopher, shaman of transformation, and beloved dancer, Gabrielle Roth, has died. Founder of Raven Recordings and The Moving Center School, creator of the 5Rhythms™ movement system, and with 20 albums of percussive-centered dance music to her credit, she was also on the faculty of the Kripalu and Esalen Institutes,Continue reading “Movement Meditation: RIP Gabrielle Roth”

Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three

Last year, I enjoyed the comedy of Enlightened (see post), which was a series comedy of a lady who went through a crisis point in her life and discovered a whole new world of yoga, healthy living and the “holistic way” of life, while trying to work in a cooperate company. BBC 3 now haveContinue reading “Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three”

Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece

These days, all we tend to hear about Greece (and many other parts of the world) are the financial crisis issues and other negative things. But what about the positive side? Out of difficult times, beautiful things do happen! Projects that help inspire us grow and change the way we live… And this is anContinue reading “Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece”

Positive Films: Yoga Town Series! Episode 1

I am LOVING all of these online shows/series that are popping up… And what perfect timing too! In my area alone, I have counted 5 new yoga studios that have opened up in the last 3 years… and I have also heard of many sadly shutting down within the first 2 years of opening… YogaContinue reading “Positive Films: Yoga Town Series! Episode 1”