NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion

I wrote about my holistic/health magazine addiction a while back and I am getting much better now in clearing out my home spaces to make way for new stuff, so online magazine are always an easier option – especially if they are free too 🙂 I have been following this magazine since it first started andContinue reading “NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion”

Natural Beauty: Get A Spiritual Hair Cut!

I love the theory that our hair is a spiritual part of us.  I’ve always seen hair as part of our crown chakra and our energy system, it absorbs energy and expresses who we are (one of the reason I loced mine in 2001)… I know many friends who will only use natural products forContinue reading “Natural Beauty: Get A Spiritual Hair Cut!”

Yoga Bites: Eco-Fashion WE’AR

If you’re looking for original beautiful pieces to wear for yoga or while you’re out and about, I found this cute eco-fashion store that might tickle your fashion-taste buds! ♥ Click here to visit the website

Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry

I’m a huge fan of natural jewelry lines – and there are many out there! Here is a range that is on my current wish list to try and buy  🙂 Cleansing your energy jewelry Athletes wearing energy jewelry: This range of energy gems are a big hit with many celebs and have appeared inContinue reading “Holistic Treats: Energy Muse Jewelry”