Mercury Retrograde Tips And Meditation

Many people will talk about the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde – Some of us might even fear it’s arrival! It comes into our lives a few times each year, so why not embrace it fully? An opportunity to grow deeper ❤️

Free Meditation: Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8) & Eclipse Meditation + Surprise Offer

August is a life changing month for many of us as we go through the Lion’s Gate 8.8 portal and through the eclipses. Try this meditation…

Celebrating Men Who Do Yoga: Boys Of Yoga Collective

It started off as a male dominated activity – And now, in the West, it seems more women than men are in the yoga classes… But this is changing! And it’s great to see the balance growing ❤ “For all the power and privilege he enjoys, the Western male has many problems. He is falling behindContinue reading “Celebrating Men Who Do Yoga: Boys Of Yoga Collective”

Alternative Art: “My Rules” Photography Book ~ Glen E. Friedman

My favorite ARTivists are those who capture times of change and the grassroots movements that come out from it… and we’re going through another one of those times now. A part of me is almost fast forwarding to the future in my mind, where there will be people showcasing all the wonderful things that areContinue reading “Alternative Art: “My Rules” Photography Book ~ Glen E. Friedman”

Positive Projects: 100 Happy Days – Join In!

If you have been reading my blog over time, you’ll see that I have this love/hate relationship with technology – or more specifically, social media. But you’ll also see that I am a big fan of sharing positive news and projects, making people happy and sharing the simple things that do it for us 🙂Continue reading “Positive Projects: 100 Happy Days – Join In!”

Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour

Mass yoga tours have become popular over the last few years – I can remember in the last years where London, Madrid and Barcelona had some great huge open space events, where yogis would get together and share! Lolë White Tour is on its way around the world doing just this… Back for 2014! Barcelona,Continue reading “Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour”

Alternative London: Top 5 Street Art Festivals

I have been living in the East-end of London for most of my journey over the last years when making London home… and it is absolutely part of everyday life to see new street art popping up everywhere! Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy these surprises 🙂 For art lovers, this is a good timeContinue reading “Alternative London: Top 5 Street Art Festivals”

Yoga Travel: London ~ Top 5 Yoga & Holistic Festivals

One way I like to tame any Winter blues moments is by spending the beginning of the year planning all the events to come during the year. It makes me feel exited and it’s something to look forward to! 🙂 There are SO many events and festivals out there – One thing I absolutely loveContinue reading “Yoga Travel: London ~ Top 5 Yoga & Holistic Festivals”

Free Distant Reiki – With Monthly Lunar Calendar

YES, I am excited to be offering my free distant Reiki again… After 10 years of working with Reiki and energy healing, I always enjoy moments when I can share this powerful tool 🙂 And the good news is anyone, anywhere can receive it… I can send it to you through my meditation, while youContinue reading “Free Distant Reiki – With Monthly Lunar Calendar”

Alternative Berlin: Free Street Art Tours

I am planning to do my first solo trip to Berlin very soon – and it took me back to my first visit to this city a few years ago 🙂 For that trip and in my search to find free/budget things to do in Berlin, I accidentally stepped into the Alternative Berlin website. AndContinue reading “Alternative Berlin: Free Street Art Tours”