Exploring Cultural Amsterdam: UITmarkt

Amsterdam is known for many fun things – but what about the more cultural side to it? UITmarkt is a lovely blend of cultural events and spots to check out – a big open space where stalls, live music and stages were set as the cultural season began for Amsterdam. In fact, the whole city wasContinue reading “Exploring Cultural Amsterdam: UITmarkt”

Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour

Mass yoga tours have become popular over the last few years – I can remember in the last years where London, Madrid and Barcelona had some great huge open space events, where yogis would get together and share! Lolë White Tour is on its way around the world doing just this… Back for 2014! Barcelona,Continue reading “Yoga Travel: Lolë White Tour”

Alternative London: Top 5 Street Art Festivals

I have been living in the East-end of London for most of my journey over the last years when making London home… and it is absolutely part of everyday life to see new street art popping up everywhere! Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy these surprises 🙂 For art lovers, this is a good timeContinue reading “Alternative London: Top 5 Street Art Festivals”

Travel Tips & Places: Magical Lisbon

I ♥ LISBOA Lisbon is one of my favourite weekend destinations. The best part about living in Europe is that it is easy to travel around and with cheap airfares too – I took advantage of this by going to Lisbon for 3 days just before Christmas last year. This was the first time seeing thisContinue reading “Travel Tips & Places: Magical Lisbon”

Yoga Travel: London ~ Top 5 Yoga & Holistic Festivals

One way I like to tame any Winter blues moments is by spending the beginning of the year planning all the events to come during the year. It makes me feel exited and it’s something to look forward to! 🙂 There are SO many events and festivals out there – One thing I absolutely loveContinue reading “Yoga Travel: London ~ Top 5 Yoga & Holistic Festivals”

Places We Love: Cafe Regatta ~ Helsinki, Finland

There are times when you randomly come across a cute little place that you are so glad you found. This cafe was one of them! After walking all around Helsinki, shivering in the cold and in need of a hot drink – we spotted this cute cozy cottage across the waters. We had to takeContinue reading “Places We Love: Cafe Regatta ~ Helsinki, Finland”

Alternative Berlin: Free Street Art Tours

I am planning to do my first solo trip to Berlin very soon – and it took me back to my first visit to this city a few years ago 🙂 For that trip and in my search to find free/budget things to do in Berlin, I accidentally stepped into the Alternative Berlin website. AndContinue reading “Alternative Berlin: Free Street Art Tours”

Vegetarian Madrid: Viva La Vida! Restaurant

I’m happy to say Madrid is a childhood home spot for me… my mother’s home town and where my mother’s family live. A place I return to when I need to just let go and unwind. One place I do like to visit every time I go back is… Viva La Vida! in La Latina…Continue reading “Vegetarian Madrid: Viva La Vida! Restaurant”

Yoga Travel: Barcelona ~ 12 Places I Love To Visit!

Barcelona is a beautiful city… and one of my favourite yoga spots in Europe! I decided to take advantage of cheap airline prices and head to this city again for a few days in the beginning of January. Yes, it was cold and the sun wasn’t always shining – but in a strange way, IContinue reading “Yoga Travel: Barcelona ~ 12 Places I Love To Visit!”

Urban Zen Tip #7: 5 Alternative Nights Out In London To Explore!

Are you tired or bored of the usual club & pub scene in London? You’re not alone 🙂 I seem to be passing out more links to events in London these days, for clients who just want an extra twist to their social nights out. And the good news is that there are many organisationsContinue reading “Urban Zen Tip #7: 5 Alternative Nights Out In London To Explore!”