Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!

Yes, I did… I forgot my phone for a day and was amazed at the process of slow detachment I went through – from being frustrated by not being able to do my usual check-ups and tune-ins of emails/texts/music/etc to pure bliss… and feeling much more grounded as I was enjoying the present moment onContinue reading “Food For Thought & Film: I Forgot My Phone!”

Positive Films: Best Boefore: The London Revolution ~ London Screening

Short film “Best Before: The London Revolution” to be shown at our huge health food show at London (Oct 5th & 6th, Kensington Olympia) This is a short documentary about rising food prices and an impending food crisis in the UK. In London, obesity and food poverty rates are skyrocketing, and healthy food has becomeContinue reading “Positive Films: Best Boefore: The London Revolution ~ London Screening”

Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A

Most of my recent posts have all been focusing on the collective force of love and positive energy. 2013 has been a pretty good year for this creative flow! This is an important time in our life… let’s hear and feel what the world has to say about it, even if we don’t agree onContinue reading “Positive Films: Occupy Love ~ June London Screening With Q&A”

Positive Films: Project Wild Thing ~ Re-connect Kids With Nature!

Nature is amazing… and so is this project! I’m so happy to also see that the funding has been reached and I’ll be looking out for the screening of this film! It is so important to get children out there, connecting to nature and exploring… check out the main website for more information on how toContinue reading “Positive Films: Project Wild Thing ~ Re-connect Kids With Nature!”

12.12.12 – The World Is Coming Together For…

One Day On Earth I wrote about 11.11.11 last year on the project of One Day On Earth – and finally caught up to watching the film a few month ago… brilliant! It’s mad to think that just at this very minute, people are leading so many different lives across the world… and this projectContinue reading “12.12.12 – The World Is Coming Together For…”

Green Artist: Primordial and Sacred ~ Deedra Ludwig

Deedra Ludwig – Born in Chicago, Illinois has lived in the US, Barbados and the UK. Studied art in NYC, graduated from NYU with a BFA in visual arts & an MFA from University of Sussex, Falmer, UK. “My artistic path has been influenced by artists such as John Turner, Andy Goldsworthy, Anselm Keifer &Continue reading “Green Artist: Primordial and Sacred ~ Deedra Ludwig”

Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three

Last year, I enjoyed the comedy of Enlightened (see post), which was a series comedy of a lady who went through a crisis point in her life and discovered a whole new world of yoga, healthy living and the “holistic way” of life, while trying to work in a cooperate company. BBC 3 now haveContinue reading “Funny TV: Cuckoo ~ BBC Three”

Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece

These days, all we tend to hear about Greece (and many other parts of the world) are the financial crisis issues and other negative things. But what about the positive side? Out of difficult times, beautiful things do happen! Projects that help inspire us grow and change the way we live… And this is anContinue reading “Eco-Lifestyle: Project Free and Real In Greece”

Reflections For Equinox: Hello Autumn 2012!

Happy Autumn everyone! I’m SO looking forward to this weekend’s Autumn Equinox workshops. Here are some notes that I have made and I wanted to share the main topics! 🙂 Autumn 2012: Moving from the Sun months to the Moon months The Root+Sacral+Solar plexus+Heart chakras are all active and alive right now… watch the leaves andContinue reading “Reflections For Equinox: Hello Autumn 2012!”