NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion

I wrote about my holistic/health magazine addiction a while back and I am getting much better now in clearing out my home spaces to make way for new stuff, so online magazine are always an easier option – especially if they are free too 🙂 I have been following this magazine since it first started andContinue reading “NEET Online Magazine ~ Grassroots Creative Fashion”

Positive Projects: Wild Sister Magazine

Last week we celebrated Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day… Goddess energy is still running high 🙂  In the Spirit of this, I want to share an indie online magazine and project that celebrates this… creative, cute and full of holistic tips by women all around the world… Check out Wild Sister Magazine – TheContinue reading “Positive Projects: Wild Sister Magazine”

Inspiring Interviews: London Real Asks The Real Questions!

There are more and more videos channels and online TV channels out there that are dedicated to exploring and sharing information, through interviews with some incredible people of our time. Lilou Mace is one of my faves that I blogged about a while back – and now London Real is fast becoming another channel thatContinue reading “Inspiring Interviews: London Real Asks The Real Questions!”

Feed Your Mind & Soul: Magazines

I am in the process of doing a *massive* clear-out. I’ve been living in the same place for a few years now and clear-outs have been very small, almost like quick tidy-ups. But this time, I felt drawn to just be all-out-totally ruthless about letting material stuff go… to the point, I stare at someContinue reading “Feed Your Mind & Soul: Magazines”

Inspiring People: Lilou Mace Is In London Town!

This is the latest cover of OM Times Magazine with Lilou Mace on the front! Some of you may remember the post I did a while back (click here) as I found her so inspiring – I admit, I still do need to buy her second book but I have been keeping up with herContinue reading “Inspiring People: Lilou Mace Is In London Town!”

Yoga Photography By Robert Sturman

  The beautiful Meghan Currie stars in the above video and captured by the fantastic photographer and artist Robert Sturman. Yoga, art and photography – what a perfect combination! Enjoy the pics 🙂