VIDEO: Meditation To Connect Subconscious With Intuition

This meditation is wonderful when we are doing some internal clearing and open to guidance!

VIDEO: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Gemini energy is an air sign, connecting to the mind. This is an audio-video meditation where we will invite our mind to show up and play!

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Energy Cord-Cutting – Part 2

In Part2, we explore much deeper – through the Shadow Self and how it relates to energy cords and releasing. For long-lasting results in any energy cord-cutting, Shadow work is a MUST!


We are officially launching our online yoga studio membership area! We are offering a deep energy cord-cutting workshop series. Here is a line-up of workshops and classes for our new members!

VIDEO: Ancestor Meditation (25 Mins)

What do your ancestors mean to you? As I post this meditation, we are in Scorpio season and Halloween – Many traditions celebrate their ancestors at this time. This is a meditation you can do to tune in at any time, release old energy and honour them.