VIDEO: Meditation To Connect Subconscious With Intuition

This meditation is wonderful when we are doing some internal clearing and open to guidance!

VIDEO: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Gemini energy is an air sign, connecting to the mind. This is an audio-video meditation where we will invite our mind to show up and play!

VIDEO: Ancestor Meditation (25 Mins)

What do your ancestors mean to you? As I post this meditation, we are in Scorpio season and Halloween – Many traditions celebrate their ancestors at this time. This is a meditation you can do to tune in at any time, release old energy and honour them.

VIDEO: A Daily Energy Awareness Meditation To Try (25 Mins)

Every day is an opportunity to learn more about what inspires (or drains) our energy! Join me in this short meditation, to explore energy management.

VIDEO: Short Meditation For A Calm Heart (3 Minutes)

Kundalini Meditation For A Calm Heart – The perfect meditation for empaths and HSPs. Connect deeply to our Heart Chakra and tune in!


We are living through transformational times – With this comes challenges and Shadow Self reflections. Autumn is the transitional point where we dive in deeper!