Assertive Empath And Highly Sensitive Person: How To Be Assertive

Assertive Tips – How to be more assertive and confident as empaths, HSP, Highly Sensitive People

VIDEO – Holistic Tips For North Node In Taurus 2022 To 2023

When the nodes change, we can feel the collective and personal pull towards new energy!

SLOW LIVING TIPS For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People HSPs

Slow living tips – Create a productive slow life!

Holistic Tips For S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & Embracing Autumn

Feeling SAD and the Winter Blues? Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder and for embracing Autumn… The colder months don’t have to be boring – it’s a fantastic time to get really cosy and start routines that we can truly indulge our Self in!

THE ACTIVIST EMPATH – Never Stop Asking Questions During These Transitional Times

Being an activist AND an empath, sensitive, HSP / Highly Sensitive Person can be a challenge! Let me share my thoughts…


Holistic healthy tips for anxiety – If you struggle with this… you are not alone! Many people are surprised that even holistic therapists and yoga teachers experience it…. I mean, we are “supposed to” be the relaxed ones right? The truth is it can happen to anyone…


Setting New Year’s Resolutions – I am not usually a big fan of New Years Resolutions – But after the year we had in 2020, it’s safe to say that these are not ordinary times! Let me share 5 tips to create long-lasting intentions… Not just for New Years, but for any time we mayContinue reading “2021 – 5 TIPS FOR SETTING NEW INTENTIONS”

KUNDALINI RISING TIPS: 5 Lessons From Kundalini Awakening

How to awaken Kundalini energy, Kundalini rising, Kundalini awakening