NEW ONLINE COURSE – The Chakras For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Learn how to work with your own unique energy patterns and create Self-care routines for your energy system…

VIDEO – Holistic Tips For North Node In Taurus 2022 To 2023

When the nodes change, we can feel the collective and personal pull towards new energy!

Mercury Retrograde Tips And Meditation

Many people will talk about the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde – Some of us might even fear it’s arrival! It comes into our lives a few times each year, so why not embrace it fully? An opportunity to grow deeper ❤️

5 Tips For Venus Retrograde – What Are My NEEDS And VALUES?

How To Tune In To Venus Retrograde!

Holistic Tips For S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & Embracing Autumn

Feeling SAD and the Winter Blues? Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder and for embracing Autumn… The colder months don’t have to be boring – it’s a fantastic time to get really cosy and start routines that we can truly indulge our Self in!

THE ACTIVIST EMPATH – Never Stop Asking Questions During These Transitional Times

Being an activist AND an empath, sensitive, HSP / Highly Sensitive Person can be a challenge! Let me share my thoughts…


Setting New Year’s Resolutions – I am not usually a big fan of New Years Resolutions – But after the year we had in 2020, it’s safe to say that these are not ordinary times! Let me share 5 tips to create long-lasting intentions… Not just for New Years, but for any time we mayContinue reading “2021 – 5 TIPS FOR SETTING NEW INTENTIONS”

KUNDALINI RISING TIPS: 5 Lessons From Kundalini Awakening

How to awaken Kundalini energy, Kundalini rising, Kundalini awakening