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Have you ever felt like you need more grounding? Maybe you’re always in your head space and never in the present moment? Maybe you want to channel your ideas into physical reality? Here are some signs!

The wonderful thing about our energy system is that it is constantly changing, depending on so many factors – like our mood, our reaction to the environment around us, our stress level, how we connect with people in our life… the list goes on lol! It reflects our state of Self-being at any one time. If you also add the fact that we are constantly flowing in a sea of energy all around us (wi-fi signals, mobile phones etc), things get very interesting lol!

So let’s cover one topic which is quite common, especially at this time of the year when the holiday season is over and we may be thinking more about what we would like to manifest and focus in our material world. This affects everyone at some point – and speaking on a personal level, energy therapists always have to work really hard on this area too (that’s a whole new topic lol!) so it’s an essential thing to keep in mind!

Ever heard the expressions…

  • “… Finding your feet” or “He/She has landed on her feet”
  • “… Finding their place in the world”
  • “… He/She has a spring in their step”

All of these expressions are directly linked to our grounding and explain this topic pretty well – Essentially, grounding is all about being at ease with the material world around you (job, home, people etc)… it targets how you manifest your true Self in these areas. When we don’t feel energetically grounded, our lower chakras can be out of balance.


5 signs that it’s time to get back to some grounding work on your energy system:


When there is (or a need and feeling) for a change/shift of place in your home, work and general location (physical world).

If you are directly not enjoying, experiencing and connecting with the world around you in a positive way, then this can affect and unbalance your lower chakras (connected to grounding). Moving home and jobs are also very stressful times and affect our grounding energy, so the lower chakras will need work.

 When you are at a crossroads/transition place in your life (emotional/soul/inner world).

This follows on from the above point..This is a time when you are shifting from stage to stage, often caught in the middle for a while. Keep doing your grounding work here and keep your body healthy and strong!

 When it is time to cleanse your environment of accumulated negative energy.

The environment around us collects negative energy easily, especially our home environment. Maybe this is a sign that you need to clear out your space, to re-arrange, cleanse and meditate more in your space.

 When you are procrastinating!

Grounding work is great for getting back balance, and taking action in moving forward in whatever project you are delaying and will help release all your ideas in a physical form. Start small, make a plan on paper and work through the list one step at a time. It always gets easier after the first point is crossed off the list! This will create some energy flow again.

 When we are constantly in our headspace and detached from our environment and body.

This is almost a sure sign that your energy is top-heavy (in your higher chakras)… Your mind is always racing, you may feel like you’re not always living (and enjoying) the here-and-now moment. Working out, doing yoga, going to the gym and releasing through physical activity is great for getting your focus back into your body and connecting with the physical world.


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