Mercury Retrograde Tips And Meditation

Many people will talk about the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde – Some of us might even fear it’s arrival! It comes into our lives a few times each year, so why not embrace it fully? An opportunity to grow deeper ❤️

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5 Empath Tips For 2020: Take A Deep Pause…

Here are some tips for taking a pause in your life and making the most of it! In 2020, this is especially the main focus.

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Assertive Empath And Highly Sensitive Person: How To Be Assertive

Being assertive… What does that bring up for you? Here are some tips and thoughts about this topic…

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NEW ONLINE COURSE – The Chakras For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Learn how to work with your own unique energy patterns and create Self-care routines for your energy system…

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Holistic Tips For Spring And Summer

There are 2 transitions that I always look forward to… when we are heading towards Spring and when we are heading towards Autumn… the subtle changes of nature around us, the colours and energy shifts that follow!

Beautiful times 🙂 – Let’s reflect:

You may have started to become aware of the changes within you too… It’s good to be aware of how we naturally connect to the seasons.

Do you love the temperature of the colder or hotter months?

How does your eating patterns change with the seasons?

Does your mood dip or lift when the weather heads towards the lighter/darker times of the year?

If your mood does dip in any season (many do towards Autumn and at worst feel S.A.D), then what do you do to change how you feel?

What colours are you drawn to in each season? And do they reflect the colours around you in nature?

Let’s prepare our energy for Spring & Summer!

Get out!

In Autumn/Winter, the colder weather often gives us an opportunity to go into semi-hibernation and enjoy more nights-in and indoor life in general. As the days start to feel lighter and longer, maybe it’s time to slowly change your social routines too – by making more time to go out – by your Self or with friends/family. Wrap up warm if it’s still cold and get out more lol… even if it’s just to take a walk around your neighbourhood.

You might like to slowly increase your physical activity, even if you already go to the gym or work-out in other ways. Exercise is an awesome releasing and grounding tool! :)


Indoor life can mean that we get attached to comforting stuff at home… a good way to shift the energy in your home life is to slowly simplify these things… an early Spring clean or an energy space clearing will allow new things/energy into your personal space – read more about this here!

Introduce more fruits into your diet

The colder seasons usually offer some great veggies – but as we gear towards the warmer times of the year, slowly add more fruits into your daily diet. More fruit smoothies and fruit salads are great :)

Lighten up!

Colours have a powerful effect on us and in most parts of the world, Winter tends to be a much darker season – and this can often translate in our clothing! Slowly transition into brighter clothing and colours – let your colours be an expression of what you feel! Read more about this here.

Set new intentions for the Sun months

Spring/Summer/Sun months is about expression – moving from our inner world to our outer world, showing up and expressing all the inner work we have been doing during the Autumn/Winter/Moon months. Again, this is strongly connected to our throat chakra.

Set your intentions for what you would like to bring into this new time of the year… How can you express YOU in everything you do and show your inner light?

For March and throughout the Sun months, let’s March forward with some positive energy :)



VIDEO – Holistic Tips For North Node In Taurus 2022 To 2023

When the nodes change, we can feel the collective and personal pull towards new energy!

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VIDEO – The Chakras Of Empaths And Highly Sensitive People HSPs

Learn about your Chakra System and how to balance your energy, especially if you are an empath and HSP.

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Grounding Tips & Healthy Boundaries – 5 Signs That You Need Grounding (+ Podcast)

Tips for grounding – Do I need grounding? Try this grounding meditation…

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FEBRUARY 2022 – Rise And Shine!

This month’s newsletter

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SLOW LIVING TIPS For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People HSPs

Slow Living is much more productive than you think!

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JOURNAL INSPIRATION: Plan Your Long-Lasting Daily Self-Care Routines

Do you think you are too busy to take time out for Self-care rituals? Think again!

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