Dear Mercury Retrograde…

Dear Mercury Retrograde,

You’re back. And I was dreading your visit – again! Your regular visit is causing quite a stir (as usual).

It’s not that you aren’t amazing (in your own strange way), because you always do deliver the true purpose clearly – and at the right time. But maybe it’s the way I’m never prepared to receive it. After all, when you come around, I can’t seem to quite get my words out the right way… I seem to misunderstand your full intentions – and those of everyone else’s in my life. My mind feels fuzzy and it gets very frustrating… my logical mind always needs an explanation – but it’s only when you go that I realise the full story for your visit.

And as you’re here now, I want to take this moment to thank you… To thank you for reminding me to take a step back, to be patient, to not react quickly when difficulties come up and to use my communication as a powerful tool of kindness – not just for others, but for my Self – to be gentle to me.

I will sit and meditate more, especially when you are here. I will sit with you and listen to my mind, as you unfold your magic. And if things don’t quite go to plan, I will smile and shrug it off… be detached to the outcome, knowing everything is temporary and for a reason.

In the fog of it all, there is a clarity ad opportunity. I will not fight to seek it, I will allow it to instead find me… the Universe (You-In-Verse) will challenge me to look at areas in my life that do need positive changes/re-assessment.

Enjoy your stay and I look forward to what you will bring this time!

Yours faithfully,

The mindful observer

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